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Delivering an exceptional digital experience is a competitive differentiator for your business. But where to begin? And what strategic plan is fuelling these initiatives? Zaelab advisory services can help your company identify gaps and opportunities, and pinpoint the technology that will work best for your business.

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Connect with Zaelab expert Chris Charron. Former GVP at Forrester leads the Zaelab Digital Advisory Practice. Charron brings insights from hundreds of leading companies and technology transformations to bear.

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Voice of the Customer Research

Embarking on digital transformation can be daunting. To give direction and guidance, Zaelab begins its digital advisory services with in-depth interviews and research with both internal and external customers of your digital platform. Zaelab determines the pains and goals of these end users, and how those needs can best be served by a transformed digital experience. In addition to end customers, Zaelab experts speak with key internal stakeholders such as sales, service and fulfillment teams. Get an unbiased opinion of your current market positioning, what opportunities exist for your business and what gaps need to be closed.

Competitive Site Benchmarking

Zaelab will conduct in-depth site reviews of key competitive sites — comparing features, design, search, product data, and merchandising. These site reviews will ensure that the new digital platform will meet or exceed what end customers are experiencing on competitor sites, ensuring that your digital transformation will be at the forefront of your industry.

Customer Experience Design

Once business and customer goals are defined for the digital transformation, Zaelab designs the customer experience for the new digital platform. This work includes persona definition, scenario design and customer journey road-mapping. Features are then mapped to the customer journey to ensure that the digital experience addresses key customer needs and pains — for both existing customers as well as prospective customers.

Feature Prioritization

Determining what features to include or build in technology implementations can have a dramatic effect on project scope and cost. Zaelab prioritizes features based on company goals and its customer experience design work, to ensure that your digital platform meets customer needs.Zaelab will prioritize which features should be rolled out initially and then in subsequent implementation phases.

Solutions Architecture

Different technology architectures work better for different businesses. Zaelab can advise on what types of architecture frameworks will best position your business for growth: monolith or microservices. Auditing your organization’s readiness, suitability and current technologies, Zaelab will compare findings to your business objectives to make strategic recommendations about microservices migration or implementation. This work includes a complete technology gap analysis, new digital platform architecture, recommended integrations, technology selection advice, and detailed implementation roadmap to suit your budget and business goals.